Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform where women and children can come and share experiences, get ideas, support and Healing. Where we will get inspirations that will awaken our Potentials, strength and voices. Where we will develop a sisterhood community to help one another through the most difficult period and help each other come out better and RENEWED.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to ensure that everyone we come in contact with sees life positively regardless of their challenges and thrives in life inspite the difficulty they encounter

What We Do

The Renewed Woman foundation is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit making organization with a vision to ensure that everyone sees life positively, regardless of their challenges and thrive in life despite the difficulties they encounter. THE RENEWED WOMAN FOUNDATION is a place of hope and strength.
What we do:
·   We create an avenue where women who are going through or have been through times can share their experiences while they meet others with similar experiences and draw strength from one another.

·   We also provide emotional , psychological and mental support through our conferences , hangouts and retreats to woman who are in need of such.

·   TRWF focuses on younger women to guide them in several areas of life using real life    experiences so as to ensure they get it right .

·   The NGO also show love and support to the not so privileged in the society by reaching out to schools in need, orphanage homes and low income women and others that are identified within the society.

We have Programs ( CONFERENCES, OUTREACHES AND RETREATS ) at different times a year, where we gather our target audience and have activities centered on the theme of the programe